What would compel a person to spend countless hours tackling a 36″ x 48″ canvas with a fine tip brush and a small tube of Ultramarine Blue paint? Passion. Pure and simple.

Josh Harrier is a contemporary abstract artist who explores the depths of color and imagination. He lives and works out of his studio in Denver, Colorado. Working in oil and acrylic on canvas, Josh adopts a purposeful approach throughout his creative process.

Imagine the studio: 3 large canvases line the walls, illuminated by bright lights on tripods. Designs have been sketched with a steady hand. Music wafts from the turntable as Josh applies one color at a time, studies it, and moves to the next canvas. Occasionally, he wipes the brush tip on the lapel of his suit…and the paintings gain more depth and complexity with each color layer.

Music has been the primary influence in his art and a constant source of inspiration. With an ever-changing stack of vinyl albums on the record player, he paints multiple pieces simultaneously of considerable scale and complexity. Melody lines and rhythm guide his artistic direction, from calculated and controlled to free and expressive.

Josh Harrier, Artist

Designs learned in leather tooling—specifically, the shapes and curves created with a swivel knife—made a lasting impression on Josh at an early age. He reflects on the feeling and the fluid motion of carving as a pivotal moment in his art. Similar patterns are often represented in his work today.